Sunday, February 27, 2011

WebSphere MQ V7 for z/OS and MQ Explorer....

One of the nice offerings in WebSphere MQ V7 on z/OS is the ability
for MQ Explorer to client attach without having to purchase the z/OS
Client Attachment Facility.

In version 7 on z/OS you are now allowed up to 5 client attachments
for use with MQ Explorer.  This will allow administrators and enterprise
monitoring groups to view, monitor and alter z/OS Queue Managers using
the nice Windows interface that MQ Explorer offers. 

To download the new version of MQ Explorer, go to:

The set-up for this is seemingly simple. On the z/OS side, you will need the
SYSTEM.ADMIN.SVRCONN channel defined.  If you have the Client
Attach Facility installed, the MAXINST attribute on this channel can be set
between 0 and 999,999,999, without the Client Attach Facility the value for
MAXINST is limited to 5.  The only other MQ object you will need is the SYSTEM.MQEXPLORER.REPLY.MODEL model queue.

Once these are set-up, your connection from MQ Explorer can be established. You will notice in thenew version of MQ Explorer there is a logon area for your z/OS ID  and password. If you are the z/OS MQ administrator, you probably already have the necessary access to the queue manager and all of the objects, so no additional RACF (or ACF2, TopSecret) changes will be needed. However, if you are allowing others to use MQ Explorer who do not currently have access to the queue manager and objects, the following will be needed:

- RACF UPDATE authority to the system queue
- RACF UPDATE authority to the queues, AMQ.MQEXPLORER.*
- CONNECT authority to the target queue manager
- Correct authority for the action they specify.  This can be different,
   for different types of users.
- READ authority to all of the hlq.DISPLAY.object profiles in the MQCMDS


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